The Best Software for Book Cover Design

The Best Software for Book Cover Design: Pixel Studio FX

Everybody wants to know how to easily create professional book covers, well, here’s how the pros do it…

Pixel Studio FX

Pixel Studio FX is a simple to use, extremely affordable yet powerful design platform that allows you to create professional digital covers for all your products as well as your clients’.

There are countless case studies showing that badly designed book cover or product packaging can totally destroy your sales efforts. Whereas professional, well designed covers and packaging can easily double or triple your sales volume.

Outsourcing is an option, but hiring a graphic designer is not as hands-free as you’d think. You will need to come up with the design briefs, post it on numerous job boards, check and interview different designers before hopefully hiring the right one. Then there’s the back and forth with the designer in order to get the cover exactly as you’d envisioned. This takes up time that you could have spent more productively. Don’t forget the cost involved. Hiring a professional designer can easily set you back a couple hundred dollars.

Another option is some of the larger design tools. Fact is, these are expensive and require quite a bit of technical expertise to master all the complicated design features. Be prepared to invest countless hours learning how to use them properly.

Pixel Studio FX is solves the time, cost and technical issues associated with other complicated design programs and outsourcing.


Point and click simplicity – With Pixel Studio FX you won’t need any advanced technical ability, simply drag and drop images, backgrounds, text and resize and re-position each element to get it looking exactly how you expect.

Hundreds of themes – If you aren’t in the mood to start from scratch or need some inspiration, quickly select from hundreds of beautiful templates neatly organized into different industry categories. Select a design then customize it to your requirements and you’re done.

3D product templates – Not only can you design beautiful book covers, Pixel Studio FX also lets you choose different 3D product models like DVD covers, reports, training packages, software boxes and more…

Cloud based – No need to waste time and space downloading and installing Pixel Studio FX on your PC. Easily access it from all your devices as it’s completely cloud based. And yes, you can save and download all your designs.

Job Finder – Pixel Studio FX comes with a built in Job Finder with training, which automatically finds clients in need of cover, packaging and other design services, allowing you to quickly and easily fulfil client requests with Pixel Studio FX and get paid.

Eliminate the hassle of hiring a designer or wasting money on expensive, frustrating to use design tools. Pixel Studio FX really is an excellent and affordable solution for creating stunning cover and product packaging quickly and effortlessly.

I have also managed to secure an amazing deal for you. Just a One-time payment of $47 and you get lifetime access to Pixel Studio FX. It’s normally $47 monthly, so take advantage of this offer before it expires. You can get the special deal here.

SEO: A Very Basic Overview

A Very Basic SEO Overview


Imagine the internet as one giant library. The search engines are the librarians, and web pages, the books. It’s the job of the search engines to organize every web page in the world in such a way as to help people like you and me to find exactly what we are looking for, in the same way that a librarian organizes the books in the library.

In order to accomplish this, the search engines need a system in place to collect information about every page on the web and how each of these pages relate to one another.

Examples of these search engines are Google and Bing. And in order for them to process the collected information from all the webpages into organized search results, they use their own secret method called an algorithm. The algorithm then lists each webpage on the search results according to what it deems to be most relevant to each user query.

While nobody knows for sure exactly how the algorithms work. Some major factors that the algorithms use to determine the subject and relevancy of a webpage are known. The process of identifying what these are and how to effectively apply these factors to your website in order to attain a higher ranking in the search results is called search engine optimization, or SEO.

A few of these major ranking factors will be discussed below:


The words in the content of your webpage play a massive part in helping search engines to determine what it’s about. These aren’t just limited to the exact words on the page, search engine algorithms are highly advanced, so if for example you had an article talking about ‘dog training’, the search engine will also list your website for related search terms like ‘canine discipline schooling’ even though none of these words appear in your content.

URL and Title

Search engines give a lot of weight to the URL and title as often these are a summary of what the webpage is about.


These are the links that point to a webpage from other websites. These can almost be seen as a recommendation from the website linking out to the particular webpage. The search engines see this and as long as the website linking to the webpage is relevant and not a spam site, the webpage will be rewarded by the search engines with higher rankings.

Although there is a lot more to SEO, if you can successfully apply these 3 ranking factors to your websites, you will most definitely enjoy high rankings in the search engines.

SEO is a constantly evolving field. What worked today might not work tomorrow, sometimes to the extent that your website gets penalized and loses ranking. So up to date knowledge and attention to detail play a crucial role. This is where an SEO specialist comes in. A good SEO specialist stays abreast of the latest changes in search engine algorithms and best practices for optimization. In doing so, they aim to effectively aid both the search engine and the website they are optimizing for in returning relevant results for the user.

If you are interested in becoming a full time SEO, whether it be ranking your own sites or outsourcing your ranking skills to other website owners, you will be pleased to know that SEO is not just limited to your location. You could for example have a Johannesburg SEO, all the way in South Africa, successfully optimizing the websites for clients living in the USA or even China. It’s a truly global marketplace for you to dive into. And you will find that the deeper into SEO you go, the more fascinating it becomes.

This search engine optimization post was inspired by the excellent video listed below:


4 Quick and Affordable SEO Tactics

4 Quick and Affordable SEO Tactics

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the best ways to drive really targeted traffic to your website. In fact, it’s currently considered to be one of the highest yielding return on investments. The income producing potential of SEO is so great, big companies have no problem spending thousands of dollars each month to make sure that their websites are properly optimized.

However, for most of us who don’t have big budgets to play with, there are plenty of low cost SEO tactics that can get us going in the right direction. In this short article we will quickly cover 4 such strategies that you can implement right away.


1. Link Exchanges

One of the best results generating SEO methods is through exchanging links with other websites. Depending on the website owner or author of the website, this may not cost you anything at all. Simply get in contact with them and propose a link exchange where you will link out to their site and they do the same for you. Just make sure that the website is relevant and belongs to a similar niche as yours.


2. Keyword rich articles

Posting informative, keyword rich articles is a great way to rank highly in search engines. You can either write these yourself or outsource the article writing to a freelancer. You can often pick up unique 500+ word SEO optimized keywords for $4 – $7 from sites such as Source Market. Just make sure that you don’t stuff keywords in there making the article unreadable. First and foremost you should be offering value to your readers, if you do, you can expect higher rankings as you will be lowering your bounce rate.


3. Brandable Domain Name

With Google increasingly frowning upon EMD’s (exact match keyword domains), the smart approach would be to register a short and sweet, catchy domain name that will help your visitors to remember your website and keep you safe from Google over optimization penalties.


4. Improve On-Site Navigation

A simple yet often overlooked factor is your websites navigation. Google is all about the user experience, so having an easy to navigate website is good for your visitors and in turn will be good for your ranking.

Search engine optimization is always evolving. Using the good SEO and implementing it correctly may very well land you on the first page of Google and other search engines. Some strategies are costly but there are many others just like the ones listed above that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.